kind of a rapper's word for bitch, bit more interesting than the old term 'bitch'
"what you talking about, biznitch?!"
by Rach Rainbow October 26, 2007
The term used when greeting a good friend. Usually someone that you like to talk smack about to their face for fun.
Hey Biznitch! I think someone else was on your corner the other day... you better recognise.
by mrsmegnolia May 14, 2006
another word for bitch

another word for business
shes just a "biznitch"

man just get out its none of yo "biznitch"
by studdly06 October 14, 2006
bitch with a few letters in there to confuze those ppl walking behind you listening to your conversation.
dude1~mah biznitch iz da shiznit!
dude2~fo shizzle mah nizzle!
dude1~wut you been fuckin hur?
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
It means bitch, but i use it like "business"
"Nunyo biznitch, biznitch!"
by Arthur November 16, 2003
U R A Bitch!
Shutup Biznitch
by Just another hoe May 07, 2003
just like b*tch...but its like snoops way of saying it.
don't f*ck with me biznitch.
by Jasmina March 02, 2004
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