bitch, can be either friendly or rude.

1. Damn girl, you my bizatch. Lets chill lata.

2. I hate that heinus bizatch.
by ur mom February 10, 2003
its a variation of biatch which is a variation of bitch with a random Z thrown in there... it means the same thing though...
Sarah's a bizatch!
by Kerry January 23, 2004
A way to say BITCH without gettin slapped
F-U u f-in bizatch.
i hate that bizatch.
by Z-DAWG+DREY-DAWG November 28, 2006
corruption of bee-otch
corruption of bitch
corruption of business-hatch or hole
I gave that bizatch the bidznatch and she gave me the bizitch-itch.
by fu-t0n December 07, 2003
a long streak of blond from essex(southend)usually living in spain always spotty and very ugly.hard to find employment that suits their limited talents so end up as receptionists doing word-puzzles
oh gemma you bizatch when you've done the washing up mop the bloody floors
by andy ransom August 05, 2004
it's de ho on my arm
I'll call ya later I'm wit my bizatch
by cheesey forsheezey October 03, 2003
ya know dat girl named... nicole is SOOO NOT A BIZATCH. she only a wank-zatch HAHAHHAs
by oOoh_baby August 03, 2003

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