a girl growing up in a totally hippie but very loving family, need better self essteem, we love her.
"hey that girls really nice, ill bet she lives in ithaca ny"
"yup shes a biz"
by wasteddevilducky July 22, 2004
Bag or portion of drugs
by Lehem October 18, 2003
Short, chaotic burst if violence.
Biz! Biz! You just got cripped.
by Biz February 08, 2003
best friends, friends, or just the coolest kid around!!!!!
"we are best buddy bizes!" "shes a cool biz" "omg i love that biz hes so funny!" "greg is the geometry biz"
by KateKT December 21, 2005
Slang term for someone who is being a bitch.
Sup biz?
by nate March 12, 2003
shit smeller
hey biz i just crapped
by deathcomethtothebiz June 21, 2003
giant cock smoker
this BiZ bitch is good
by flipper April 07, 2003

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