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Basically, I was fucked
I was in a nightclub... first time I had taken drugs! I was upstairs on a seat, the full length of the back wall overlooking the balcony when a gorgeous girl came over to me... straddled me... didn't speak & started kissing passionately... then I felt people grabbing hold of me! When I snapped out of it, I realised I had been tripping & was just sat there with my dick out having a wank! BIWF! :/
by JaJaWa July 21, 2011
bitch i wuddnt fuck
you moms a biwf
by manny m (napster November 02, 2003
Basically, I was fucked.
I ran out of cash at the bar when it was my round... I promised the guys a whole bunch of drinks... BIWF.
by Raggggedy July 21, 2011