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word used by Claudia to define something cool / hip / she craves.
woh! those COS wedges are bives.
by vapours April 01, 2012
Best friend wife. The female, non lesbian, form of the word. (See definition #1.) Any woman with whom you have a deep friendship with, but not a sexual relationship.
A b.f.f. holds your hair while you puke. A bife holds your hand while you give birth.
by Preskitmilf February 02, 2010
short for life of bung....On the first day Vincent created the term Life of Bung....On the Second day, Raybird created the acronym "LOB"....pronounced like the tennis shot.....After his third Fresca and Gin, Otis, in his "clever" carroll county way, merged/condensed this entire concept into a new word: fact, there was a new phrase created by his otisness, Life of Bife (meaning Life of Life of Bife). Thanks for you contribution to the english language otis.
my life is bife
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
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