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A student of Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, considered the best private University in India.

Also referred to any faculty, alumnus or any object even remotely connected to BITS Pilani.

Plural: bitsians
Dude, he's a bitsian!

bitsian lingo is so awesome!

Most bitsians are gults
by blizzare November 01, 2010
One who failed in getting into an Indian Institute of Technology.

One who has a Honors degree and has no clue what it means.

One stuck in a hamlet called Pilani.

Any luckless human being stuck in sister institutions of Pilani, eg. Goa, Hyderabad, Dubai.

One who has no attendance.
I am a Proud to be BITSian.

BITSians have no technical knowledge.

BITSians pass through BITSAT.

I am a BITSian and I hate Pilani.
by Anthony Gonzalves November 16, 2010