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Knocking someone on the ground, position them so their head is above the curb. Tell them to open their mouths and bite the curb. Then kick down on the back of their head. Done hard enough, this will not just break some teeth, but kill them.
Watch American History X.
by amidsttheashes October 13, 2003
to coerce someone to lie down on the street and open their mouth on the concrete curb, at which point the assailants can then stomp on the back of the victim's head, shattering their teeth and causing severe head/neck trauma.
"what happened to his teeth?"
"He got jumped by vegans, they made him bite the curb"
by machinehien March 06, 2003
In a fight and performed on an opponent who is rendered unconscious or otherwise stunned or incapable of self-defense; to position their head on a curb in such a way that the angle of the curb is between the maxilla and mandible, and then to proceed to provide maximum pressure from a downward strike as to seperate the maxilla from the mandible and cause as much trauma to the head as possible.
Nigga bit the curb, lost his grill, and his shit was busted straight up bad. That why we call him "flip-top-puppet-head" now. Dudes lucky to be alive.
by willyrumper June 08, 2005

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