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one of the two "Bitchy Girls" of Epstein! Taller, slimmer, more bitchy. Gets in trouble with any forgin language teacher or math teacher. Talks to guys easily. Loves fashion and multiple hair colors. Has a loud laugh (EXTREMLY!!!!!) and loves making younger teens feel akward. Confident in herself and her sexuallity. Bitchymoo can also be used as slang for bad girl, femperv, gossip girl, boy crazed, spaz, or a girl with anyone of these personality traits.
My god! did you see what mara did in math today? She was totally being a bitchymoo!

(friend dies hair blond and brown) OMG! your new hair style is so bitchymoo!

minnie keeps tripping and falling! God, she does that so much she might as well be bitchymoo!
by PimpinMinnie! June 11, 2008
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