someone who bitches about hipsters
"when it comes to hipsters; I'm a complete bitchster... I want to throw all their mismatched tea cups at them!"
by bitchster1 August 16, 2011
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Your Bitch of a Sister
"Man, my Bitchster is calling again! I'm just going to keep blowing her bitch-ass off."
by ggbeltram March 31, 2008
A strange and unbearable breed of hipster. An individual who goes to great lengths to be different while annoying the crap out of everyone around them in a particularly bitchy way.
Kayla won't stop talking about how she doesn't care about her appearance. We all know she spends hundreds at Free People to get that hobo/homeless look down. Kayla is such a Bitchster.
by bloopkens July 26, 2011
A male bitch. Someone who, if you killed, they would die slowly and painfully as you laughed at them. See asshole, fucker, bitch, or prick.
Hey, did you see that guy? We're @ 80 on the freeway and he cuts in front of us and starts going 40. What a bitchster.
by A Concerned West Virginian June 03, 2005
A bad bitch hipster girl
-Oh look at those bitchsters on the dance floor! I'd totally fuck them!
-Me too bro!
by wiaaaaaaa November 23, 2014

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