BITCHIN' when someone is having a bitch about you or your friends.
'i doney punched you bestfriend, and she was shit..'
"ohh no, you BITCHIN'? dont mess with us!"
by donkeypunchme? December 14, 2009
a word white trash people use because they are to stupid to think of real adjectives.
man, that cereal was really bitchin
by thesquirreliskillingme July 18, 2010
1) Somethin awesome or "tight"
2) Annoying fucken females runnin there mouths.
1) Damn that car is bitchin.
2) Damn slut quit your bitchin.
by Bone August 14, 2003
Outdated slang for "cool."
Wow, that patent leather snakeskin speedo is totally bitchin' !
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003
to complain alot
Man Stop Bitchin.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
Origins in CA in the 1980s. Used to describe an well-formed, sizable, long breaking wave to be utilized during surfing.

Currently replaced by "Sic."
1982: "That wave is totally bitchin man!"
2005: "That wave is f*ckin sic!"
by buddy 2mile August 08, 2005
Acting in order to make fun of somebody by pissing them off.(immature ones will do)

Something uncomprehended little girls do
Stop bitchin' all the time asshole!
by M. Moore June 01, 2005

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