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When two people, stereotypically women, are so bitchy to each other that they create a sort of balance, and actually manage to have a functioning pseudo-friendship.
*Sarah and Jane are having a coffee together. Cindy walks by and says hello*

Cindy: Hey loser, how's life being the tubbiest girl in town?
Sarah: Better than having the ugliest face in town.
Cindy: Coming to Steve's party tonight, or weren't you invited?
Sarah: Actually it's Tom's party, if he'd invited you himself, you would have known!
Cindy: Oh wonderful! See you tonight girls!


Jane: I don't know how you can stand her. She's such a bitch to you.
Sarah: Yeah, but it's weird... I just dish it right back, and we seem to have sort of reached a bitchilibrium.
by hooshpartitions April 17, 2009
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