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A guy who thinks he's a hacker just because he claims to have a program which can delete other people's hard drive if you know their IP, but doesn't know basic computer knowledge (how to say DSL; what's his own IP; difference between a kick and a ping timeout...) and ends up just making a fool of himself.
Based on someone who went to the channel #stopHipHop, threatened to use his program on someone else, but ended up using the program on himself and deleting his hard-drive. Currently missing. The log of the event can be easily found on the Internet.
* bitchchecker ( Quit (Ping timeout#)
* bitchchecker ( has joined #stopHipHop
<bitchchecker> why do you kick me
<bitchchecker> can't you discus normally
<bitchchecker> i even have dst
<bitchchecker> shut up i hack you
<bitchchecker> tell me your network number man then you're dead
<bitchchecker> in five minutes your hard drive is deleted
<bitchchecker> i have a program where i enter your ip and you're dead
<bitchchecker> say goodbye
<bitchchecker> elch you idiout your hard drive g: is deleted
<bitchchecker> elch you son of a bitch your f: is gone and e: too
<bitchchecker> and d: is at 45% you idiot lolololol
<bitchchecker> i'm already at c: 30 percent
* bitchchecker ( Quit (Ping timeout#)
by Captain Sham May 16, 2005
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