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A super bitch, or a person who exhibits the highest degree of bitchiness.

Often referred to as a tyrant among other bitches.
The pain, suffering, and outright fear she has caused us definitely makes our genetics professor a bitchasaurus rex!
by Scared student April 30, 2008
the definition of my mother.
dude 1: your mom is such a bitchasauras rex!
dude 2: i know
dude 2's gf: your mom is such a bitchasaurus rex, im never coming over your house, she scares me.
dude 2: *sigh*
by xxxjordanxxx April 25, 2008
One who is a gargantuan bitch
Your girlfreind is a bitchasaurus Rex
by Giant shitty dick slut November 17, 2015

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