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The Soda in the fridge that no one will drink and has been left there for weeks. Can be any soda, depending on the households preference.
Jimmy took the diet mountain dew out of the fridge, Tommy laughing when he saw he had. "Awww man! you took the bitch bottle!"
by Sovana YorkintheDorsh February 20, 2010
Bitch, which is usually used when refering to someone who is either annoying, or an asshole, when placed infront of the word bottles, refers to groups of people who are totally annoying or just complete assholes.
Timmy and Jeremy were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria when a glob of nasty food hit Jeremy square in the face. Just about to stand up and retaliate, Timmy grabbed his arm and shook his head, "Just forget it, those bitch bottles aren't worth it."
by Sovana Yorkendorsh July 07, 2009
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