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"Ladies" who hang around the VIP area in a club to get free drinks when they didn't have to pay to get into the club in the first place.
Watch out papi, here comes those bottle bitches that are always looking for free drinks. Don't look at those mootches or they will think we are interested and they will invite their free-loading asses over to drink our liquor . . .this bottle was $300 bucks.
by roycebo October 30, 2007
After the girl's coochie becomes good and wet during sex, the juice thickens up and looks white as it accumulates on the cock and pussy and will stay there if you don't clean if off.
"There is so much caulking on that guy's dick that it looks like he has been fucking glazed doughnuts in the early morning at Dunkin Doughnuts before they are baked and put on display."
by roycebo September 08, 2007
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