when you are skateboarding and you preform a trick that took you a while to get, then, a person will come up and do the same trick but on his/her first attempt and land it twice as cleaner and better than you just did.
" i fee like such a jerk! i accidentally bitch'd a kid; when he finally landed that frontside boardslide on the five set rail, i went up and did it first try!"

1st shredder: "dude, you just got bitch'd"

2nd shredder: " i know! that guy is such a dick!"
by spoogemiester March 08, 2009
Top Definition
When something bad happens to you that is unfair and/or out of your control.
(Note: The spelling with the apostrophe, then the D, is crucial. See also work'd.)
"Hey man, what's up?"
"Dude, this sucks. I can't go to the game on Saturday anymore cause my idiot boss scheduled me to work that night."
by Fitterer July 16, 2005
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