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A female who constantly thinks everyone is better off than her. All she does is whinge, whine,complain and blame everyone else for her life.She has 24/7 PMS.She hates everyone, especially females.She steals husbands and boyfriends.She puts everyone down, swears at her children,is a tight arse with money.Never visits her mother in a nursing home.She doesn't keep friends or jobs as everyone can't stand to be near her for more than a minute.
My sister is "a bitch from hell."
by xena100bc June 01, 2006
Bitch From Hell: a lebanese prostitute ..
Be careful of the bitch from hell she will drag you to hell if you try any shit on her,order your murder,is a gangster slut is so full of cum she almost look white..I MEAN WTF?
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