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A bogan,usually lives in the western suburbs of any major Australian city.The men have mullets,gaunt,unshaven faces,checked cut off shirts and short,shorts.The females have unkept hair,usually with the remains of a bad perm,track suits or tight jeans and midriff tops and gaunt sucked in, cigarette faces.
They talk with a nasal wine and very loudly. Each word is punctuated by expletives. They whinge about everything and anything.
Bogan females are ofen seen in shopping centres, at discount stores and eating fast food at take away outlets. They usually have a few obnoxious children in tow and are constantly yelling and swearing at them.They are ofen joined by a similar friend who they yell at loudly across the shopping centre.The men spend their time at the pub,tab, playing pool or hanging around football games
by xena100bc June 01, 2006
A female who constantly thinks everyone is better off than her. All she does is whinge, whine,complain and blame everyone else for her life.She has 24/7 PMS.She hates everyone, especially females.She steals husbands and boyfriends.She puts everyone down, swears at her children,is a tight arse with money.Never visits her mother in a nursing home.She doesn't keep friends or jobs as everyone can't stand to be near her for more than a minute.
My sister is "a bitch from hell."
by xena100bc June 01, 2006

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