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a skanky looking ugly girl thats a bitch
damn that ugly bitch ass hoe is one ugly bitch ass hoe!!!
by Dylowned June 01, 2005
Usually a girl who is being a dumbass. OR someone who is just working your nerves and you just wanna slapp dat bitch!
That bitch ass hoe wanna fight but she aint gonna do nothing.
by Lakerea January 27, 2009
one that is a bitch and a hoe. the ass is used as a bridge between the two other words. used to insult one that is a bitch or a hoe or both.
everyone is a bitchasshoe

rico: jimmy i saw ur mom flirting with the mailman
jimmy: what a bitchass hoe

that girls hot, but she aint nothin but a bitchass hoe

YOU are a bitchass hoe
by JEFF CHINAMAN August 21, 2005
Another major three word bet down combo. Use it to your best ability but i use it the best.
Damn mother fuckin bitch-ass-hoes fuckin with me again
by Colateral Damage August 10, 2004
1. Skanky slut usually of a colored variety 2. One who sells herself for money to married men
Prostute-hooker. (Most common term) Home wercker
by Ugly Monkey Face Head February 16, 2003
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