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of liverpool united kingdom origin

used as slang for policeman in liverpool uk plural, bissie is singular. ie pigs, plod , bacon bobbies. fuzz.

often see bouncing round liverpool city centre like there fucking rocky , until a bit of trouble starts then they leg it off in pretending there has been a rape.

also patrol mid day when all the old ladies are about but as soon as it turns dark they disappear like the fat shithouses that they are.

often used by younger generation of
john: 'hey lad those's bissies are chasing us for fuck all'.

lennon:'well lets be fair we did firebomb the mosque , kick an imam in the bollocks and set fire to Nasser Hussein'.

john:'exactly lad wtf is up'

lennon:'its political correctness gone mad if you ask me'.

by sovereign the killer December 24, 2008
A combination of the words bitch and pussyused to describe someone who possesses the traits of both a bitch and a pussy.
That guy just drank all the beer and then puked it up all over the floor!

What a bissy!
by HUD-represent March 09, 2008
a combination between a bitch and a pussy.

hypnotherapist or other losers
Myles's dad is such a bissy!
by Hudcity October 29, 2007

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