1. Politicly Correct term for "Bitch",
2. Ebonics term for "Bitch"
You Dumb Bish!
by KevinThePirate October 11, 2014
When a friend is acting in an undesirable way (1) Avoiding other friends or skipping out on prior made plans (2) When a friend let's his girl/boy friend tell them if they can or can't go to a party or hang out with there friends.
(1) Hey Will Ferrell you still going down to the lake with us tonight? Na man I'm kinda tired I'm just gonna chill at the house. Don't be a bish dude, you said you were gonna go. (2) Hey man my girl said she wanted me to go to bed with her early so yall can't come over, sorry man. Nathan Fillion your such a little bish
by The PP Hunter September 01, 2010
A friendly swearword taking the place of "Bitch". Used on Facebook and other popular websites such as Stardoll and Myspace (:
Girl 1: I laaaave you xx
Girl 2: You are my bish =P
Boy 1: we're all fuck buddies :)
Girls: Bishes ;)
by Bish-xx June 12, 2010
plural form of bish; a less severe version of the word used for female dogs
Bishes, please!
by OscarTheGrouch42 June 14, 2011
the complete meaning of a s d and m. THEY ARE DAS BIGGEST BISHES AROUND Like bitch but shorter
omg look at dat ratchet bish.
by LIVVVVVVVVVVVVV August 31, 2014
the word you use for bitch whenever talking to your friends. The nice way to say bitch!
Ayyyyy, what's up bish!?

Bish, you are my best friend!
by imasdfghjkltori September 23, 2010
a nice way of saying bitch. The way you say bitch to your friends when you want to insult them.
Jorie is such a bish.
My sister took my phone. What a bish!
by Kristen_Stewert07 March 06, 2013

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