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an affectionate term for someone you like
Hey biscuit head, how's it going?
by super_hero October 17, 2005
A joke diss to call someone. It's not serious at all, it's just a joke.
Why do you always wear those old-ass sneakers?
Well . . . at least I ain't no biscuit head like you!
by Bernard Jenkins May 11, 2006
refering to a large crumbly head
Hey you ol biscuithead.
by Kris Strickland March 01, 2009
a head that looks a like a biscuit
Marie has a biscuit head.
by lonely angel February 03, 2010
a word derived from the delicious cracker "chicken in a biscuit" and used to offend another being, then get in a fist fight in front of a television set surrounded by two roasted chillers.
ay man, you biscuithead ass bitch.
by abern August 25, 2004
a rather dumbass, crackhead, or douchebag. Mother Fucka.
Man, that bitch ass is such a biscuit head!
by Austin Winfield November 03, 2008
Someone addicted to prescription drugs like oxycotins, vicodins,etc......
I got my leg chopped off and that Biscuit Head stole my damn prescription drugs, AAhhhh!!!!!!
by Uncool Quacker August 23, 2010