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Fat, particularly on women, that bulges out of tight clothing the way that canned biscuits bulge out of the can once it is twisted open.
Also see: muffin top
Look at that whale trying to squeeze into jeans that are at least 3 sizes too small. Shamu needs to put on some clothes that fit, what a biscuit can!
by Libbers July 21, 2006
A girl or woman who wears clothes way too tight for her body. So when she unzips her pants or unbuttons her shirt her body goes POOF!! like a can of biscuits.
Jeff: Hey I saw you took that girl home last night, how was that?
Kevin: Ehh, she was a good ride, but bro she was a total BISCUIT CAN!
by jasonmaples1 January 04, 2012

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