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When there is a record number of births in a maternity hospital in a given year—often attributed to superstitious parents desiring their baby to be born in an "auspicious year."
For Chinese parents, a birthquake is inevitable during the Year of the Dragon, which comes every twelve years—which also means that the competition to secure places in good schools in future for their kids will be anything but easy.
by MathPlus September 13, 2016
An earthquake that occurs on one's birthday.
Danny: Holy cow, did you feel that? It's like the earth knows it's my birthday!
by juggleboy January 08, 2010
This happens when a fat bitch has a baby. Usually caused by a rift in the fatbitchtonic plates.
Nurse: That 'birthquake' measured a 9.8 on the richter scale,

Doctor: Doctor.

by gjkuol09 December 27, 2006
The contractions a woman feels when giving birth.
Woman: Dayum, when I had Chewbacca I thought I was going to explode with the birthquakes!
by BananaBurguer August 20, 2014
When a house or room shakes as a result of sex.
Ugh, Ben and Nicole caused another birthquake upstairs last night.
by Ben Cobbs December 17, 2013
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