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Verb; meaning to sodomize with great rage, usually with objects of great girth.

Also used as a form of address (See example 3).
1. He's had a hell of a birling.
2. You've been birled!
3. He's a real Mr Birling.
by LMC007 May 08, 2007
A boy(ish)-girl or girl(ish)-boy: someone inbetween the traditional binary gender system, or someone who defies/rejects it altogether.
Damn, that birl is hot.

Can be used to signify relationship:
My birlfriend and I are going to the Cities this weekend, you should come with.
by quesita June 20, 2004
Can`t tell if it`s a boy or a girl.
Bro, what is that, a boy or a girl?

It`s a birl.
by sm2028 November 12, 2009
Better in real life
*looks at photo* "she looks hot" "she looks birl"
by toxic titan June 13, 2012
Verb: revolve rapidly, whirl around.

Noun: a turn, twist, revolving movement.

Alternative spelling: Burl.

Scots word.
Cherly Tweedy birled the frightened puppy around her head.
by Paul Sweeney May 20, 2004