the promenade in the heart of Brea, California. Often referred to as Birch Street. Basically, the only fucking thing to do in Brea if your under 18 and can't drink or party. Includes two movie theaters and various shops, and is very close to the mall. Kids swarm it on the weekend, the place to go, when your not at the mall or at school or something elsee unimportant.

Pretty much truee. Yeahh i live theree. :
BOY 1 "Sheeeeeet Sonn, You going to Birchh tonight?"
BOY 2 "Hell Yeahh. Got no where elsee to be."
GIRL 1 "Heyy, wanna hang out this weekendd?"
GIRL 2 "Hmmm, Birchh?"
GIRL 1 "Suree, unless you wanna go to the mall."

by Kay-teaaaa (: February 28, 2008
1. A red Bull and Vodka

2. A derogatory term for someone you don't want to call an outright bitch.

3. A name to address a crowd of people by
1. I am thirsty, im gonna drink a fuckin birch

2. fuck that birch

3. what's up birches? Someone bring me a birch
by T. Pace October 24, 2007
a curly headed decent looking boy who used to have a semi-normal name but no one rembers it anymore. I brainwashed my good buddy into crushing on with the thought of a super deluxe mini condo & the fact he couldn't be any worse than Reshawn.
Did you brainwash her too, or is this not a Birch sceanario?
by Halenna August 02, 2007
A broad-leaved, deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula, generally having white bark, and grow to a "medium" size.
The crazy Russians turn birch into tar sometimes.
Birch wood is fucking great.
Bob: That is a lovely little oak tree you have!
Phil: No, you ignorant cunt, that is a birch!
by CompanionCubeLives November 25, 2012
The polite version of bitch. Employing the word birch does not insult female dogs or any other animate living creature. It describes an extraordinarily mean female.
That girl just told me that I dress like a mangy slum rat. She is such a birch.
by meow power November 10, 2009
the greatest game alive...played by the cool folks at birch stadium...when people use wood instead of a baseball bat and a tennis ball..does it get any better?
Yo lets go birch...and use some wood
by Neiliyo November 03, 2006
sometimes endearingly used, a birch is a step down from a bitch and is often called this after either a bitchy action or to force a quirky reaction to the name-calling
Will called Marissa a birch just because he likes to see her get worked up.
by birch! November 29, 2004

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