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A local group of adolescent males and females based out Richmond VA, who go around flashing "hand binoculars" at random passersby. The flashing of the "binox" gesture, as they call it, is also associated with the loud yelling out of certain phrases such as, "BINOX" or "I SEE YOUR BUTTCHEEKS".
This is all done in good fun and should not be taken as a threat or vulgar gesture. The gesture is made by cupping both hands and placing them over your eyes to resemble binoculars.
We are stopped at a red light, a man is sitting in his vehicle not really paying attention, when he turns to the car to his left and sees 2 young men flashing the hand binoculars or "binox" at him, and doesn't know what is happening.
by BINOXMAN May 13, 2008

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Code hound, and honorary digital pimp. Often seen fobbing of SLI, or clearing his room.
No BinoX I will not send you naked pictures, again.
by SLI June 27, 2003