Another term for the long time un-employable – benefit scroungers – gymslip moms – and residents of run down council estates. See Mouth Breathers
See that girl over there – the with the bad perm and velour tracksuit – Binner!
by Andy The Great July 21, 2003
Top Definition
Supporter of ipswich town Football Club.
Came about from an episode of tv series 'Lovejoy' where a bin man, (trash/garbage collector), was seen to rescue an itfc scarf from a bin and wear it for the rest of the episode.
We beat the binners two-nil on Saturday!
by CanaryJez March 19, 2010
A meal eaten at about dinner time which consists of breakfast food.
Thank goodness forJack in the Box and their 24 hour breakfast menu, they make eating a binner alot easier.
by looklin21 January 01, 2008
Someone who belongs in the loony bin, a lunatic.
That woman is a total binner!
by Doc Emmett Brown December 26, 2005
Short for 'beer for dinner' - descriptive of all that one consumes on a lengthy, food-free night out on the wifebeater
'I need a fry-up. I had binner last night.'
by The Moai September 28, 2006
A hero amongst muppets. A role model for zeros. The biggest twat in any gathering of men.
You are a binner, Phil Neville.
by non-binner February 13, 2004
a crystal palace fan
look at that twat in the blue and red - what a BINNER!
by braders February 11, 2004

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