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a binkley is a type of east african fertility statue that usually possesses an unusually large man spear
Hey jenn, you should come over and see the binkley i brought back from my trip to Kenya!
by nono187 February 12, 2008
A man characterized by inherent male superiority and in incredible drive to do everything sweet imaginable.

A man who never makes mistakes; is naturally incapable of flaw. He also makes going bald look extremely stylish.
"Wow, that guy is really impressive at everything he does, he's such a Binkley."

"Even though that guy is balding quite a bit, I find him irresistibly attractive. Must be a Binkley."
by Collin91288 February 12, 2008
A word used to describe a fat or overstuffed blunt.
Brother! Where are you at?! Your boy just rolled a straight up binkley!

After school I plan on turning on the old tube with gramps and rollin' up a couple binkleys.
by 420BluntMaster March 17, 2014