The small dark curly pubic hairs you find in a hotel room when you turn down your clean bed.
Everytime I turn down my bed at a hotel, I find bink-binks on the sheets.
by Joe Homebrew July 07, 2006
Top Definition
when your spooning with your bf and his boner pokes you from behind by your booty which leads to sex
last night we bink binked like crazy!
by nenaliciouse October 02, 2010
Is an insult, or meant to harm one mentally. A way of calling someone stupid or saying something they did was stupid.
Reggie is only 14 and he didnt use a condom when he had sex with Jennifer now, he got a baby on the way, Im give that nigga the Bink bink.
by Bape Kid September 25, 2007
The abrupt hardening of the nipples due to cold air or horniness; used to describe the visual observation of the nipples ‘poking’ through a t-shirt one at a time, or both at once.

Nipple one hardens = bink
Nipple two hardens = bink

Bink Bink!
by JonesDogg February 09, 2007
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