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Mostly a used word by english thugs meaning blowjob.
"Yo this gyal droped me a phat bine"
by puccioisking September 12, 2007
3 14
Word commonly used for something to smoke.
Ooooh im pua clammin on a bine me!
by NorthEastMassive. February 19, 2010
69 6
A 'bine' is a cigarrette
Just gone to get some bines man. Comin for a smoke?
by JaY January 23, 2003
59 29
a cigarette, a fag, something to smoke
I need to smoke a bine
by fi August 01, 2004
38 24
a cigarrete names by the long preston people in early 2000's
cigarrete bine
by willybits January 13, 2009
10 11
a mixture of beer and wine
Whoa, look at Bill chug down that bine!
by MYL November 08, 2007
6 16
A term expressiong frustration
What's the matter?
I forgot my keys at home and I managed to drive my car all the way here without them, so now I'm stuck.
by Drew_0123 June 08, 2006
13 23
Beer followed by wine. Usually ends up in bad news.
Look at that sorry state, he's been on the Bine.
by Jonny Pondlife February 10, 2004
11 21