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1.To fall or violently collide with any object make a rash decision , usually on a whim.
1. im going to bin it into a lampost again tonight.
ohh dave fell over, he proper binned it.

2. Dave: But Mark , its three grand.
Mark: oh, bin it.
by Aronsamandmax August 31, 2007
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a phrase used when asking someone to put something in a rubbish bin for you, because they are closer. It is a common rule that if you are asked to bin it, you have to bin it (unless you are farther from the bin than the rubbish's owner).
"dude, bin it"
"no, you're closer, YOU bin it"
by Kieran23 September 15, 2007
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When you crash your car, motorbike or other vehicle.
Dude, i just binned my car into a ditch! I'm furious.

I'm doing a track day today, hope i don't bin it.

Saw some twat bin his Lamborghini on the motorway last night.
by samsamm777 July 15, 2012
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