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Bimal is a down-to-earth kickass Punjabi girl most of the time. This person is caring, loving, sweet, but you don't want to get on her bad side. Intellect and ambition are a big driving force in this person's life and they tend to get bored easily. In terms of physical appearance, Bimal's are usually voluptuous and a deadly combination of beautiful and sexy. They are also able to get along with almost anyone.
Kim Kardashian is such a Bimal, minus the brains.
Stop being such a Bimal, you're making the rest of us look bad.
Can you Bimal me up?
I need to channel my inner Bimal
by Kaura Kaur May 03, 2013
a bimal is a word describing someone that is a noob cake at everything, but sucks more than any noob, noob cake, noob musffin, noob on a stick, noob toob, noob cheese, i think you get the point.
hey bimal stop being a bimal!
hey isaac stop being a bimal!
hey jack stop being bimal!
hey anand stop being a bimal!
hey sheridan stop being a bimal!
hey you reading this stop being a bimal!
by james thomson September 07, 2006

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