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South Yorkshire term meaning a reckless, hyperactive scally/chav whose behaviour has become too excessive even for regular scallies to deal with. Usually restricted to one per gang, the billson is often seen clambering over street furniture in an attempt to escape his mates that he has just stolen from. This is usually tolerated by the rest of the gang as the billson is something of a super-scally and a useful tool in 'out-scallying' rival gangs.

As with most scallies, billsons emit nasal whining noises rather than regular speech. Billsons, however, tend to be much louder and rowdier than their peers, giving you ample advance warning should you encounter one on the street.

In addition to accepted scally behaviour, billsons appear to specialise in the following:

1) Climbing
2) Throwing things
3) Picking up dog turds with the end of a stick.
4) Running at mates and hanging from their necks, therefore dragging said 'mate' down onto the ground.
5) Being encouraged by his mates into doing something disgusting or dangerous for their amusement e.g. urinating on railway power lines.
Scally: "Eeeyaah billson, give us back me fags, yer fuckin' dick'ead"

Billson: "Eee-aaa-eeee-yaaahhh!"
by doncaster by-election July 07, 2004
A name used when you forget someone's name .
"Hey give me the Wavebird Billson..."
by Noptic February 18, 2004

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