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A state of pure style and magnificence, when nothing else matters as one has achieved ultimate pimpness.
T-Bone: "Last night I hollered at some hoes and bosshogged dem lanes, sippin ma ballerade"
Shakes: "Yo son, that's straight billin"
by Biller February 07, 2004
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A guy who texts all day long without stopping while doing manly things.
Sam was billin while we we're playing football.
by redsox2210 February 02, 2011
The Ultimate and impossible state of being. You are both buzzin and chillin at the same time.
When a man in a hot tub is joined by a busty mixed race french/japanese girl who passes a floating mirror with two lines of cocaine on;
hes said to be Billin.
by sheffjive November 16, 2011
Just like Ballin, but your name is Bill
Bill is Billin, he can't miss a shot
by Billin May 06, 2008

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