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the finest hot momma eva!
i luv u bijal!
by mani May 10, 2004
a girl with a good heart and is always caring about people. she loves to dance and always has a smile on her face. She is sweet and fun to talk to. always acts like herself and clearly doesn't live up to someone else's standards, which is a good thing. she's funny and very talented. i luv my bijal... she's like my little sister.
aww look at bijal...sho shweeeeet.
by vinni February 12, 2005
sexy mofo
bijals sexy
by jello May 03, 2004
u better watch out im here
uh oh bijal the sexy one is here
by priya May 03, 2004
the act of chopping or getting a girls number
who did you bijal last night?
by Nini16 August 08, 2006