The tent-like structure formed by one's blanket during morning wood.
I felt very self-conscious when the guys walked in during my bigtop this morning.
by Photophobe September 13, 2007
Top Definition
Bigtops is a special kind of weed, provided exclusively by Dutch coffeeshop 'The Stepping out'. Bigtops is known by its cutting edge smell and its ability to blaze people out of their skulls. It is not recommendable to smoke 'the nice biggins' whilst not an extreme expert in puffing the magic dragon. Side-effects may vary from nausia to certain deaths.
That nice biggins really did the trick, i'm high as a m*therf*cker!


If you smoke bigtops, you'll die.

I'm so high right now (because of bigtops), nothing can hurt me.. BANG!
by arshundschweinebakke July 07, 2008
a word that has undefined characteristics, it is not a noun, verb, adjective, article, adverb, or preposition but can be used as any of them. It has no positive or negative connotation, but can be used to describe someone cool, or as a total fucking dumbass.
"Steve you fucking big top" or "Quit being such a big top, big top!"
by Derek October 25, 2004
Weed that makes you crazy in the head. The color of Bigtops is only slightly green, but mostly white because of all the THC the biggins contains.
Smoke Bigtops, or die tryin'
by padddddo July 10, 2008
a shirt the size of a large wooly mammoth
the lady wore a big top that was far to large
by helpos August 01, 2003
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