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largely over weight person, or someone that is 3x larger than that of a normal person
did you see that biggin just come threw here?
by fred rek December 06, 2007
Bigging, Roy. Owner, Operator, and Flight Desk Clerk in Nantucket, an Island off the coast of Masachussets.

Has unusual affection towards severley obese Mother, and is generally disliked in his Airport as a dishonest man who lacks class.

Enjoy food, has moustache and employees Loell, the Airplane Mechanic.
"I'm Roy Biggins. I'm an owner operator, and flight desk clerk in Nantucket, an island off the coast of Masachuessets.

I have unusual affection towards my severely obese Mother, and am generally disliked in my airport as a dishonest man who lacks class."

"Did you see that guy, he TOTALLY roy bigginsed all OVER the place."

"Hey, i just found 3 Roy Bigginses in the garbage can, i'm going to stick them to my car window."

"That thing was so loud my ears did a complete Roy Biggins!"

"I can't see out of the window, I'm Roy Bigginsing over here."

"Where did you put that thing we talked about? Roy Biggins wants it."

"I hurt myself earlier because my friend dropped a piece of his Roy Biggins on me."

"Turn this off, i feel like my Roy Biggins is going to explode."

"Roy Biggins is outside waiting for you."

"I can't drive right now, my Roy Biggins won't permit it."

"There are far too many Roy Bigginses in this region."

"Wait a second, Jane, Roy Biggins isnt here yet.

Jane: Yes he is, Don't you see him?

Roy Biggins: I am, indeed, right here."

"I can't find my money, i think i just pulled a Roy Biggins."

"Where's the Bus Stop? Roy Biggins is waiting for me."

"If I dont get there in time, hell make a Roy Biggins out of me."

"It's really hot out here, i feel like i should put my Roy Biggins on."

"Did you see that Roy Biggins go down the drain? Gross."
by Scott S. November 26, 2004
A Karlism from the 1996 film "Sling Blade." Means "the large size."
"Reckon I'll have me the biggins."
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
1) A hat worn by children

2) A coffee strainer
1) He placed the biggin on his head

2) Don't put your hand on that biggin, you'll make the coffee bad!
by Azrial December 14, 2004