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1. A socially undesirable and cringe-worthy loser.

2. A man who considers themselves to be a "big-shot" or a "player" and no one else agrees.

3. A man who tries to be funny or impress people and fails miserably.

4. A man who attempts to make people laugh (often at some one elses expense) but fails to do so.

5. A man who attempts to make others laugh at some one else but faces back-lash with a sharp and witty reponse and becomes the laughing-stock themself.

5. A cock-monger

6. Some one to either be deservedly avoided or mocked.

7. A social degenerate

A:"This will be funny here he comes thinkin he's cool."

B:"Who's that?"

A:"I don't actually remember his name, but he's definately a big-time-charlie"
by Bigtoke September 08, 2009
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