a big flamming homo names brad binkly who lives in surrey B.C and loves to suck on hairy chink cock...
big b is a flamming flamer
by jack January 08, 2005
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Top Definition
A realy sexy sweet man
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
A god. A name that is known around Tha Burg, New Kent, and Greenville, NC. A good, trustworthy dude, but wont hesitate to throw down
Big B is the ish.
I wish I was Big B.
by Brantley75 December 24, 2008
A self proclaimed fat ugly and unpleasant girl that thinks she is better than everyone else.
Who does Big B think she is to act like she is better than everybody else.
by Leah D. April 03, 2010
Another term for Boomer.
Hey man, mind if I come over and chill with Big B and you?
by Stixsmaster March 04, 2010
the ghetto term for "brittany".
"Aye Big B!"
by Taylor Thomas October 18, 2008
Kicked off the team
If you don't come to the cook out you will be big-b
by Jai September 23, 2003
Brandon mutha fuckin Fraser is BigB iight??!
Thats all you got to know bout BigB.
by bbknmj May 28, 2011

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