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Kicked off the team
If you don't come to the cook out you will be big-b
by Jai September 23, 2003
2 5

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A realy sexy sweet man
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
9 6
A self proclaimed fat ugly and unpleasant girl that thinks she is better than everyone else.
Who does Big B think she is to act like she is better than everybody else.
by Leah D. April 03, 2010
10 12
Another term for Boomer.
Hey man, mind if I come over and chill with Big B and you?
by Stixsmaster March 04, 2010
2 4
A god. A name that is known around Tha Burg, New Kent, and Greenville, NC. A good, trustworthy dude, but wont hesitate to throw down
Big B is the ish.
I wish I was Big B.
by Brantley75 December 24, 2008
11 13
the ghetto term for "brittany".
"Aye Big B!"
by Taylor Thomas October 18, 2008
7 11
Brandon mutha fuckin Fraser is BigB iight??!
Thats all you got to know bout BigB.
by bbknmj May 28, 2011
0 10