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an important person, a president etc., VIP, someone who know what time it is, a leader of a group
Barry is a big wig in Gulf Oil - a vice president or something.
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
Someone who is very important, powerful, and influential -a president, for example-
At the Grammy awards the other week, an unusual note was struck by Michael Greene, a record industry bigwig.
by mrtt May 29, 2006
Another name for a boss
Everyone is freaking out at work, cause the bigwigs are in today
by JAH87 January 13, 2010
An aficionado of trucker hats and trucker hat related accessories.
The Bigwig's face was obscured from view, making identification all but impossible.
by Jimithy Jones May 23, 2009
The greatest fucking band ever.
I went to see Bigwig last night, and it was fucking awesome
by Ben October 03, 2003
A know-it-all on rotten tomatoes OT forums
Thinks speeding while drunk should be legal
by Derek Elmore March 29, 2004
old black women who donot mind their own biz
tha big wig dis my ass fo' loudin the new ludacris CD in ma Crib
by ''U Fat MotherFucker'' March 12, 2004
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