a word used to describe a person that is large enough to crush you and/or suffocate you. Used by people that know the word to describe people that do not know the word. Usually shouted as a warning across a bar.
"Bigup at 12:00!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE"
by Sarahbrry August 14, 2005
General greeting to friends
"Big up!"
by Rath May 25, 2003
Expression commonly used by Nats mainly the nutty variety.
I don't Big Up myself but I sometimes Big Up others
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
A very large vertical jump. Usually assosiated with people of African descent.
That nigga right there has big ups.
by lazylizards8 June 05, 2006
When you absolutely are fed up with something.
Two words define my work week: BIG UPS!
by Almsty August 10, 2006
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