street slang for an oxycontin 80 mg extended release pill.

slang for an OC80 on long island, new york.
user- "lemme get a big guy"
dealer- "i got u..45 bills"
by thatOCguy February 23, 2010
Top Definition
To be large or imposing, often in relation to somebody else.
Small guy: You're a big guy
Big guy: For you
by fatvirgin April 17, 2014
An informal way of greeting a man or boy. Usually it's friendly and complimentary.

It sometimes has a sarcastic tone, implying it's time to take him down a notch.
Hey there, big guy, you and me gonna drink some beers or what?

Hey big guy, watch where you put that thing.
by vanilla g-lotto December 20, 2004
A combo of a big person and a man. The word is one because you need both to be eligible.
That dude is a mother fucking bigguy.

I didn't know they made bigguys that big.
by The True Bigguy April 08, 2010
- noun
1. A patronizing title.
1. Hey big guy, looks like you better slow down on those banana daiquiris, you might sleep through your morning routine of trying on outfits until you find the one that makes you feel fabulous.
by CamelBrickShirt December 07, 2006
Noun: OxyContin 80mg. The strongest pill found on the street.

*no longer made, replaced with a non crushable form OCP
Let's get a big guy and we'll all get chaunced.

Wanna chaunce? Let's split a big guy.

Dude, this summer, big guys for 35 bucks all day!
by Wayne Gretzkyyy November 06, 2010
One who is extremly fat and who people are ashamed to be scared of.
You brick it of the bigguy! Hahaha
by David Taylor December 05, 2003
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