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A chick's vagine that is so loose and floppy that sticking your dick in it is like sticking a straw into a big gulp.
Jenna is a total big gulp.
by tummysticks June 01, 2007
Legendary drink from 7-Eleven
Hey Yo! I'm thristy, grab me a Big Gulp while your out.
by Gage November 14, 2004
7-11 drink that's a part of one of the most legendary lines in movie history. Watch Dumb and Dumber if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Lloyd (talkin to gangsters): Hey guys! Whoa, big gulps huh? Alright...........well, see ya later!
by b-razzle July 24, 2006
Legendary cause of diabetes.
"Ah've been drankin' 3 big gulps a' day fer every day a' my life, sixteen years straight. Yessir." -blind, toeless man
by vinman11 April 30, 2007
When you purposely do not masterbate for a long time before a blowjob so you erupt in or on her face.
I gave your sister a big gulp last night
by LSD MILF BONG June 29, 2009
When a girl is deepthroating a guy and swallows while doing so. Can also be used as a label.
Exp 1: My girl wanted to get extra freaky, so when she was deepthroating me, she took a big gulp.

Exp 2: "Did you see that hoe?"

"Yeah, what a Big Gulp!"
by 7 11 March 26, 2010
Big gulp , big gulped, big gulping, big gulps

1.)When you walk by or make eye contact with a girl/guy you are attracted too but have nothing to say.

2.)Start drinking when a girl/guy you are attracted too walks by or makes eye contact.
She looked right at me but all I had was a big gulp.

So many hotties peeping my sticks and I keep big gulping it!
by ClanClan May 16, 2008