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is fat or a little muscular. Extremely ugly with achne or not. Likes to pick on people who are weaker or smaller than he is. His insults are rejected or slob on his knob like corn on a cob or ima put a camel cock up your nose my booty ass cracka. Likes to touch people in perverted ways and when the person says get the hell off you ridicously gay fiend he continues laughing while touching the person and at the same time says summon the whales. For example throw you against the wall say horrible things and touch you wrong and wont stop for like 3 minutes or until the person retaliates in a violent way. He has a crazy studderring problem that'll studder for days. The horrible things he would usually say is rip your spine out and attack a grandma with it or take a fork and stab a cat in the eye then watch it run away and chase after it when caught its then duked or smashed in the butt then put in a mail box and thrown on to the street and throw an xbox 360 at it.
big ant yo i want to know what its like to smash a dog on top of an xbox 360.

person what the hell did you just say?

big ant or would you smash a grandma and for fun snuff her in the ribbs?

person why the hell would I punch a grandma in the ribbs for fun?

big ant because its fun my buto.

person man I think you need some serious help.

big ant Oh i got a better one. Would you smash a big man with a dunk or a lot of junk in his trunk my soft cracka? Or with a donkey on the side?

person yup you really need help.
by titty timmy November 10, 2011
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