A splif, joint, rolled cigarette containing marijuana
"I just rolled a big fat BIFTA"
by sjsnowx September 17, 2009
Top Definition
a bifta is a reefa, a spliff, a joint ie a marajuana roll
Pass the bifta
by Bobmarley June 07, 2003
United Kingdom:
A hash joint or
Cigerette (less common)
Give me a bifta.
I need a bifta.
by spac February 05, 2003
in liverpool, uk, a bifta is a normal cigarette, not a marijuana spliff as in the rest of the country.
any biftas for a spliff?
by liverpool2londonkid June 30, 2009
a big fat fucking spliff
mate, fuck! that is one beaty bifta! :Omgzzzzzzzz1111oneoneeleven!1
by ! daryll anthony_ K69 September 14, 2008
A herbal cigarette,often smoked on south coast beaches.
A bifta!you call it a bifta!I call it a bifta too!
by PC Coddleyballs December 06, 2005
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