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Anyone who:

Is older than 18, but still "Runs away from home" willingly every summer.

Uses their friends basement to do heroine.

Involves himself with Yuppie fucks to make himself look Hip, then steals their laptops, iPhones, and 3000$ bikes.

Goes to the mall JUST to spange while wearing a 120$ backpack.

Does something amazingly prick, like peeing down a playground slide.

Someone who will stab you in the back in Real Life over what happens on Video Games. (WoW)

Spawns ONLY retarded offspring. (full blown)

A person whom blindly follows any religious views, mainly those of Scientology

Lastly, Tried to fuck your girlfriend, X's, and any interests you may have, and will mirror his own life to make himself look good.

Also, Stalker.
Biever, Wal-Mart!
by Damien Hellfire May 30, 2011

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a cool way to say justin "bieber"
Hey dude! I am going to a Justin Biever concert tonight! OH YA!!
by bievers November 08, 2010