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black midget
gary colemen is a bidget.
by X is back!!! September 10, 2010
pushy mean small person
Suzie is under 5 feet tall, pushy and mean, she is a bidget.
by leapyear May 26, 2008
A midget thats a bitch
guy: look at the short fat bitch!
guy #2: damn thats a giant bidget!
by Ryan Tran February 15, 2008
a small budget
that midget has a small budget = a midget with a bidget
by #endi July 11, 2011
a bitchy midget, short person who bitches
some short girl giving you shit for no reason. you turn to your friend and say. wow what a bidget
by repzero January 11, 2010
A small woman who is cruel.
"Heather is a midget and she's a bitch...she's a bidget!"
by Elchihuahua January 13, 2006
A small hosebeast who lies.
"Heather's a bitch and a midget...she's a bidget!"
by Elchihuahua January 08, 2006