Creeper with tourettes that likes to hit on any woman in sight. Often scares them off to the point where they never return and go home to cry to their mothers about how they were just mentally molested by a bicket.
"Who let the bicket in?! Now all the women are going to leave."
by ramsfacker November 15, 2009
Top Definition
A chalet. Mobile phone predictive text for the word 'chalet' is bicket.
We're going on holiday and we'll be staying in a bicket.
by badteacake May 01, 2009
Any piece of trash with no style and is a complete asshole to everyone. Ways to tell if some one is a Bicket are:

1: if they have no style what so ever.
2: If they are a racist asshole.
3: if he has a "tough guy" attitude but is in fact
nothing but a complete pussy nugget
Oh my goodness, Marcos is such a bicket! he's so racist its not even funny!
by I am the Batman! So Shaddup June 12, 2013
bicket (verb.) - get the fuck outta here
you're talkin to my man? BICKET!
by adgp June 20, 2009
bicket: anyone except casey and breanne; perferbably michael and andrew.
Andrew is the biggest bicket ALIVE!!
by Andrew Daniel Selters January 30, 2005
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